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Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps

UPDATE: The Rabi-Ribi Steam workshop has been set up. We recommend going to the steam workshop to get the latest versions of the maps. Speedrun leaderboards will continue to be maintained on this website.

If you have a custom map, send it to me and I’ll list it here.

Some custom maps also have speedrunning leaderboards. You can also send runs to me or post it on the speedrunning discord (with video) and I’ll add it to the leaderboard. Please try to overlay a timer over the video if you do a run.

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For any queries, look for me (wcko87) on either Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or in the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Discord.

Custom Maps


  • by wcko87

Pitfall is a challenging jump puzzle map. It requires knowledge of some basic Rabi-Ribi platforming tricks.


  • by Scyox

Bluerock is a short and easy map, and does not require knowledge of Rabi-Ribi platforming tricks to play.

Erina's Dream

  • by Agastya

Erina has a dream involving some people she knows and some places she's been to. A somewhat short map utilizing various 1.8e features, such as story editing and adding items.

I Wanna Be the Bunny

  • by wcko87

A Rabi-Ribi fangame. An extremely difficult and unfair platforming challenge map.

Platforming Tricks Tutorial (v1.20b)

  • by wcko87

Comprehensive tutorial featuring 80+ tricks, classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Legend of Bunny (v1.3.3)

  • by Red Shifter

This is a stand-alone Bunnytroidvania adventure where Erina journeys into the computer to save Cicini from her video game addiction.

Tower of Bunny (v1.11)

  • by wcko87

A long and very difficult platforming challenge map. Climb to the top of the tower!

Getting Over It with Aruraune

  • by looming

You may have no idea about what challenge Aruraune was facing after she became half-plant. Now it is the time to take a look this great inconvenience.


  • by Thiercy and Lollipop

Rabbit-or-treat is a story-oriented map. Some characters of the original game are used, but it is a parallel story that happens on a very particular night - it's Halloween!

A Christmas Carrot

  • by Thiercy

A Christmas Carrot is a story-oriented map freely inspired by Dickens' famous masterpiece "A Christmas Carol". The story takes place on a very particular night - it's Christmas!

Bunmania Map Pack (Volume 1)

  • by multiple people

A pack of 16 Bunmania maps made by the community! Race to get the fastest times!