Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps

Custom maps portal for Rabi-Ribi

Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps

If you have a custom map, send it to me and I’ll list it here.

Some custom maps also have speedrunning leaderboards. You can also send runs to me or post it on the speedrunning discord (with video) and I’ll add it to the leaderboard. Please try to overlay a timer over the video if you do a run.

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Map List

Custom Rabi-Ribi maps are listed below.


  • by wcko87


  • by Scyox

Erina’s Dream

  • by Agastya

I Wanna Be the Bunny

  • by wcko87

The Legend of Bunny

  • by Red Shifter

Platforming Tricks Tutorial

  • by wcko87


For any queries, look for me (wcko87) on either Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or in the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Discord.