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The Legend of Bunny (v1.3.3)

Made by Red Shifter

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Cicini has been designing some kind of game inside the computer. She had been talking about it to everyone for a while, but she eventually stopped hanging out with people as often.

One day, Syaro calls Erina over to the Computer Room. Cicini doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight…

This is a stand-alone Bunnytroidvania adventure where Erina journeys into the computer to save Cicini from her video game addiction.


  • Contains a generic plot with stupid video game references and a bunch of NPCs telling you where to go
  • It’s on the harder side but should almost be reasonable on Normal Novice difficulty (can be changed in-game)
  • Variety of areas to explore
  • Lots of items to pick up
  • Bakery
  • Crappy Postgame
  • No DLC required
  • Easter Egg hunt


standing_around stupid_fairy_joke black_tower strict_commander_joke

Preview of Map Screen

Partial Map Screen Preview (spoilers)

Version History

v1.3.3 (2019-02-18)

  • Fixed the Black Tower for people with lower game quality
  • Expanded bakery
  • Changed dialogue at developer platform
  • Corrected collision on a platform somewhere

v1.3.1 (2019-02-14)

  • Fixed the hints for the Easter Egg hunt

v1.3.0 (2019-02-13)

  • Added 5 Easter Eggs and a few extra items
  • (Re)added Mana/Regen potions to the map
  • Changed a bunch of items to be Lv.3
  • Strange Box no longer detects the ending trophy
  • Gave buffs for the Aruraune and Seana fights
  • Shortened the commander’s dialogue
  • Made minor tweaks to each area
  • Added a few secrets and probably a new area or something
  • Other stuff…

v1.0.2 (2018-02-03)

  • Added new facilities in the ravine for filthy casuals to make the game more fun
  • Added a shortcut to/from the postgame boss
  • Replaced Mana/Regen with Health/Attack potions (and added a couple more)
  • Didn’t do a thing about how many items are just stupidly hidden in walls
  • Removed a slide tunnel that made people think they were softlocked
  • Removed an autosave that actually could cause a softlock
  • Made a badly-needed change to the 4-Minute Long Stupid Room
  • Other stuff…

v1.0.1 (2017-10-25)

  • Changed wording of some lines based on player feedback.
  • A bunch of minor changes based on watching other players play.
  • Made it more obvious that there’s something under the Hammer pedestal
  • Other stuff…

v1.0 (2017-10-24)

  • Initial upload…