Rabi-Ribi Map Editor

A Guide to Rabi-Ribi Map Editing

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How to play Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps

(Alternative guide by NuclearCheese for running Custom Maps)

  1. Create custom map folder Rabi-Ribi\custom\<your map name>
  2. Add map files (area0.map,area1.map etc etc) to the custom map folder (Rabi-Ribi\custom\<your map name>)
  3. In Rabi-Ribi, press F5 or F6 to open the custom maps menu. Select the custom map and start a new game.


(You need Rabi-Ribi v1.8e / v1.85 or higher for the custom maps menu. The custom maps menu does not exist for v1.8 and below.)

This was the original method before the 1.8e beta / 1.85 started supprting custom maps.

  1. Replace the maps in Rabi-Ribi\data\area\ (remember to back up the maps before you do this)
  2. Start up Rabi-Ribi and start a new game normally.

Note: Even if you do not back up your maps, you can easily restore your original maps by using the Verify Game Integrity option on steam.

Modifying Character Dialogue and Cutscenes

Rabi-Ribi (1.8e/1.85 onwards) includes the ability to modify cutscenes and character dialogue for custom maps. By default, the game makes use of the files in Rabi-Ribi\localize for its cutscenes. If you create the files story_emot.rbrb and story_text.rbrb and place them in your custom map folder (Rabi-Ribi\custom\<your map name>\) together with your map, these ifles will be used for dialogue/cutscenes instead.

More information on the contents of these files can be found in the Detailed Documentation.

Custom Tilesets

Rabi-Ribi (1.8e/1.85 onwards) includes the ability to replace the current tileset with a custom tileset. If tile1_a.png is placed in the Rabi-Ribi\custom\<your map name>\ folder, the game will use that instead of the default tileset.

Debug Mode

Rabi-Ribi (1.8e/1.85 onwards) contains a Debug mode, which displays all event triggers in-game. To turn this on, add -debugshowevents to the launch options.