Rabi-Ribi Map Editor

A Guide to Rabi-Ribi Map Editing

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Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps

User-created Rabi-Ribi Maps can be found here:

Rabi-Ribi Map Editor

This is not the work of one person. It is a collaborative effort of the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Community.

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How to edit Rabi-Ribi maps


Download the following:

  1. The Rabi-Ribi Map Converter
  2. These Tileset files
  3. The Tiled map editor


How to use

Rabi-Ribi maps have the extension .map. Normally, these maps are found in Rabi-Ribi/data/area in your steam directory. We will explain how to modify the maps in this directory.

We use the Rabi-Ribi Map Converter to convert between the .map file format, which is used by Rabi-Ribi, and the .json file format, which is used by the Tiled Map Editor.

After downloading the Rabi-Ribi Map Converter, unzip it into any location you want.

In the rabiribi map converter directory, there are three folders:

  1. s1_original_maps
  2. s2_editable_maps
  3. s3_final_maps

How it works:

NOTE: The Tileset files MUST be placed in the same directory as the .json files for the map editor to display correctly!


The following guides will help you get started with map editing.

Running Custom Maps

Getting Started with the Editor

Detailed Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I load a map in Tiled, I can’t see any tiles at all! All I see are a bunch of numbers.

A: This happens when you don’t put the tileset files in the same directory as the .json file. If your .json file is in s2_editable_maps, you should place the tileset files in s2_editable_maps as well.

Q: I get a conversion error when I try to convert my .json map back into a .map file. What happened?

A: A conversion error happens when you do something in Tiled that is not valid in Rabi-Ribi. I suggest reading the Important Notes when working with the Map Editor to find out what you should and should not do in Tiled.

Other Stuff


Random Map Editor Images!

Video: Map Making using Tiled:

Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps Portal

We have a custom maps portal for user-created Rabi-Ribi maps.

Rabi-Ribi Live Memory Map Editor

This Live Map Editor is an alternative map editor for Rabi-Ribi. It can be used to edit the maps by setting the map tiles in-game.

Rabi-Ribi Randomizer

Rabi-Ribi also has a Randomizer, also brought to you by the Speedrunning Community.


For any queries, look for me (wcko87) on either Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or in the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Discord.