The Randomizer / Rabi-Ribi Map Editor was not the work of one person. It was made through the combined effort of many people from the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Community.

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The members of the speedrunning community have always been continuously working on experimenting with the game, finding out how the game works internally, and figuring out jumps, zips and glitches. A lot of these developments are built upon this research. None of this would have happened without this large pool of existing knowledge.

I (wcko87) only wrote the main logic for the randomizer and map editor converter. The rest of the work, like figuring out the minimal entry requirements for all item locations in the game, or how events work, are a collaborative effort by the community.

copyliu was the first to figure out part of how the .map data works in the game, and used it to generate map images used for speedrunning research. I picked up on that, and broke down the rest of the .map data to use in making the randomizer. The Map Editor was born after the completion of the randomizer, using information gained from working on the randomizer as a base.

Research on event ids and effects, item ids, backgrounds, room types etc. was carried out by the members of the speedrunning community.

The following sections lists specific names of some of the community’s members. It’s hard to credit everyone though, there are a number of people who helped on small things here and there (e.g. finding a specific glitch), but have not been listed below. I would like to thank everyone in the Rabi-Ribi speedrunning community who has helped out in some way or another.


And a bunch of people who helped in the constraints discussion and breaking the game: Hakua, TheOnlyOne, Mikan, Cosmoing, Sairaan, INDEXFAN, asiaclonk, nichipe, craze819, etc etc

Map Editor

And a bunch of people who played around with the map editor or helped in figuring out how a bunch of stuff work: TheOnlyOne, Hakua, Agastya, TheTsundereLoli, Cosmoing, d3n, asiaclonk