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Rabi-Ribi Randomizer V2

Randomizes items in Rabi-Ribi maps

Rabi-Ribi Randomizer V2

Rabi-Ribi Randomizer

A Randomizer for Rabi-Ribi. Brought to you by the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Community

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This program shuffles item and egg locations (among other things) around in Rabi-Ribi in such a way that all the required items are always reachable. Also optionally randomizes other things like music and backgrounds.

What the randomizer can currently randomize:


Who made this?

The Randomizer is not the work of one person. It is a collaborative effort of the Rabi-Ribi speedrunning community.


The following download links are automatically updated with the latest changes to the randomizer.

The randomizer is written in Python, the UI is written in C#/WPF.

How to Use the Randomizer (Instructions)

These instructions will be for the Randomizer UI.

  1. Download the randomizer UI and extract the files to any location you wish.
  2. Find the directory which stores your Rabi-Ribi game data. Copy the map files to from Rabi-Ribi\data\area\ into the original_maps folder in the randomizer.
    • Usually the Rabi-Ribi game data can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rabi-Ribi.
  3. Run the Randomizer to generate a set of modified maps. By default, the generated maps will be placed in the generated_maps folder. You can also configure your own output location for the modified maps.
  4. Create a new folder (e.g. randomizer) in the Rabi-Ribi\custom\ directory. Copy the generated map files into that directory (Rabi-Ribi\custom\randomizer\).
  5. Start Rabi-Ribi, press F5, and select randomizer (or whatever you decided to name the folder).
  6. Start a new game, preferably in Speedrun Mode.

Note: This should be played on Rabi-Ribi 1.85 and above. Randomizer should be played from the custom maps option, and not by replacing the default maps.

Randomizer Gameplay

The Randomizer has a lot of different options. The Randomizer can be used in any way you want, but there are a few common modes that are often played by the speedrunning community.

Egg Goals Mode

In Egg Goals mode, hard-to-reach items will be easter eggs. By default, 5 eggs will be chosen to be hard-to-reach. All other eggs will be removed from the map.

Hard to Reach Items Mode

If Egg Goals mode is turned off, the randomizer will mark some items (default: 5) as hard-to-reach. The objective is to obtain these hard-to-reach items.

Complete the Game

Note that because the entire game is completable on 0%, completing the game on randomized maps isn’t much of a challenge.

However, if constraint randomization or map transition shuffle are turned on, it is possible that the game may end up uncompletable (either by having too many unreachable bosses or by having Rabi Rabi Town unreachable). Having a mode that ensures the game is always completable will be supported in the near future.

Randomizer Options

Item Randomization

Item randomization is always on by default. Only items in the to_shuffle list in the config will be shuffled. See the section on config.txt for more information.

Shuffle Map Transitions

This mode shuffles the 13 map transitions in Rabi-Ribi. For example, walking left from starting forest may cause you to end up in the right side of natural aquarium.

Shuffling map transitions can sometimes make entire areas unreachable (including Rabi Rabi Town).

Constraint Randomization

This option introduces random obstacles, which can obstruct entire areas of the world, until you have specific movement items to get around these obstructions.

Constraint randomization can sometimes make entire areas unreachable (including Rabi Rabi Town).

Note: Setting constraint changes to 15, for example, does not mean there will always be 15 constraint changes. The actual number will be random, but will be 15 on average.

Additional Information:

Shuffle Gift Items

This option shuffles the two items given to you by Miriam (Speed Boost, Bunny Strike), and the item given to you by Mr. Tako (P.Hairpin).

Speed Boost’s and Bunny Strike’s locations will be in a room behind Miriam’s shop (Bunny Strike requires Sliding Powder), while P. Hairpin’s location will be visible from Mr. Tako’s room in Plurkwood (you can only pick it up after defeating Keke Bunny).

Music Shuffle

Shuffles the music triggers in the map. Does not actually affect gameplay.

Background Shuffle

Shuffles backgrounds in the map, making Rabi Rabi Island look crazy. Also shuffles minimap colors. Does not affect gameplay (in theory).

Note: Some backgrounds can make the game significantly more difficult. A few examples:

The No Difficult Backgrounds (--no-difficult-backgrounds) option can be used to disable backgrounds that obstruct visibility or otherwise makes things more difficult.

The No Laggy Backgrounds (--no-laggy-backgounrds) option can be used to disable backgrounds that can cause lag (for example, seana’s disco party arena and spectral cave)

Super/Hyper Attack Mode

Super attack mode starts you with 20 attack ups. Hyper attack mode starts you with 30 attack ups.

This gives you a lot more damage, which is especially useful because you often don’t get the hammer early in randomizer games. (Ribbon does about 20 damage per shot in super attack mode)

Open Mode

Normally, Rabi-Ribi blocks off many areas during Prologue using prologue triggers which prevent you from going further. Open mode removes these prologue triggers, so that you can go anywhere you want, even in prologue.

Note that:

Difficulty Configuration (config.txt)

In addition to the options offered in the UI, the randomization can be further configured by modifying the config.txt file.

Difficulty and Knowledge

The knowledge and difficulty settings influences the minimum required knowledge/platforming ability required to clear the randomizer seed (obtain the required items).

Here are the commonly played settings:



There are many tricks in the game that requires advanced knowledge of how the game works to perform.


Difficulty can be NORMAL, HARD, V_HARD or STUPID.

Some tricks in Rabi-Ribi can be very difficult to execute. This flag determines the minimum execution ability required to complete the seed.


Addtional Items List

To Shuffle List

Must be Reachable List

Map Changes to Prevent Getting Permanently Trapped

Minor changes have been made to prevent the player from being permanently stuck. Note that you are only permanently stuck if you have been autosaved in a location which you cannot exit from. If you are able to quick-reload to escape, you are not stuck.

These map changes can be turned off by the “No Fixes” (–no-fixes) option.

Removal of Autosaves

Event Warps

Some events in the game warp you to other locations. This gives you access to new areas. These are the useful event warps in the game:

  1. Defeating starting forest UPRPRC sends you to Rabi Rabi Beach.
  2. Defeating Cicini sends you to Rabi Rabi Ravine.
  3. Going to town after clearing Chapter 1 and recruiting Cicini sends you to Golden Riverbank.
  4. Defeating Keke Bunny and using Mr. Tako’s computer sends you to Rabi Rabi Town.

While these are not really useful in the base game, with map transition shuffle and constraint randomization, these event warps may be the only way to enter these areas. If EVENT_WARPS_REQUIRED is on, you may be required to use these event warps to reach your goals.

However, for event warps 1, 2 and 3 above, you can only use it once per playthrough. Therefore, you can potentially be locked out of the warps. (Note: you can use the computer in Plurkwood to warp to town as many times as you want).

To fix this, we make some changes to the maps to allow you to repeat these event warps as many times as you like. The following changes are made:

  1. There is a door in starting forest. Using that door sends you to a room where you can re-fight the forest UPRPRC battle if you have already met the pre-conditions (Ribbon) for it. This sends you to beach again.
  2. After beating Cicini, you can enter a hidden room behind her boss arena, which has a warp to ravine.
  3. There is a strange door in town that can be used to manually trigger the cutscene that warps you to riverbank (if you have already met the pre-conditions for the cutscene).

Other Changes

Learning Tricks for Randomizer

Rabi-Ribi Platforming Tricks Tutorial

A tutorial map / video explaining most the (basic/intermediate/advanced) platforming tricks used in Randomizer / Speedruns.

Randomizer Gif Collection

A collection of gifs of specific trick jumps used in Randomzier

Randomizer Constraints

The Randomizer constraints files show the exact item requirements to get from one place to another in Rabi-Ribi. These are the files used by the Randomizer itself to generate the seeds.