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Rabi-Ribi Randomizer

Randomizes items in Rabi-Ribi maps

Rabi-Ribi Randomizer

Rabi-Ribi Randomizer

A Randomizer for Rabi-Ribi. Brought to you by the Rabi-Ribi Speedrunning Community

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This program shuffles item and egg locations around in Rabi-Ribi in such a way that all the required items are always reachable. Also optionally randomizes other things like music and backgrounds.

What the randomizer can currently randomize:

Who made this?

The Randomizer is not the work of one person. It is a collaborative effort of the Rabi-Ribi speedrunning community.


The following download links are automatically updated with the latest changes to the randomizer.

The randomizer is written in Python, the UI is written in C#/WPF.

Basic Instructions

These instructions will be for the Randomizer UI.

  1. Download the randomizer UI and extract the files to any location you wish.
  2. Find the directory which stores your Rabi-Ribi game data. Copy the map files to from Rabi-Ribi\data\area\ into the original_maps folder in the randomizer.
    • Usually the Rabi-Ribi game data can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rabi-Ribi.
  3. Run the Randomizer to generate a set of modified maps. By default, the generated maps will be placed in the generated_maps folder. You can also configure your own output location for the modified maps.
  4. Create a new folder (e.g. randomizer) in the Rabi-Ribi\custom\ directory. Copy the generated map files into that directory (Rabi-Ribi\custom\randomizer\).
  5. Start Rabi-Ribi, press F5, and select randomizer (or whatever you decided to name the folder).
  6. Start a new game, preferably in Speedrun Mode.

Note: This should be played on Rabi-Ribi 1.85 and above. Randomizer should be played from the custom maps option, and not by replacing the default maps.

Item Shuffle

The challenge is to obtain the items marked as “Hard-to-Reach” by the randomizer.

Of course, you can do whatever you want with the randomized maps instead. Note that because the entire game is completable on 0%, completing the game on randomized maps isn’t much of a challenge.

Egg Goals Mode

Note: It is more common to play egg goals mode now, instead of the original mode.

The randomizer features an alternate mode, named Egg Goals.

In Egg Goals mode, instead of having hard-to-reach items, the hard-to-reach items will be easter eggs. Up to 5 eggs will be chosen to be hard-to-reach items. All other eggs will be removed from the map.


In addition to the options offered in the UI, the item randomization can be further configured by modifying the config.txt file.

Map Changes to Prevent Getting Permanently Trapped

Minor changes have been made to prevent the player from being permanently stuck. Note that you are only permanently stuck if you have been autosaved in a location which you cannot exit from. If you are able to quick-reload to escape, you are not stuck.

These map changes can be turned off by the “No Fixes” (–no-fixes) option.