Randomizer Tricks Gif Collection

This is simply a collection of gifs showcasing various tricks used in randomizer. Not all methods are documented here, so the gifs here may not be the only ways to make the jump.

Many of these tricks can be pretty advanced, and won’t be required to solve randomizer seeds as long as you play with reasonable difficulty settings.

I call some of the jumps “pretty difficult” or “stupid” etc in my comments here, but this is not an indicator of the actual difficulty rating of the jump in randomizer. If you want to see the actual difficulty ratings, refer to the Randomizer Constraints.

See Platforming Tricks Tutorial for a more general explanation for randomizer tricks.

Pacifist Jump

No Items

Mana Wager

Airdash3 + Amulet

Upper Forest Regen Up Ledge (from below)

Bunny Whirl only

Bunny Strike + Slippers + Airjump + Speedboost3 + Speedy

Forest Spring Gap

Consumable + Bunny Whirl

stupid jump. you can’t use an amulet for the velocity cancel as it would kill the bunny.

Mid Forest Climb

Slide Only

stupid trick. You need to do this really quickly, or the uprprc bunnies will jump down.

Mid Forest Regen Up

Bunny Whirl only

lure the uprprc bunnies from the room above. this trick is much much easier with an amulet. without an amulet, this is extremely stupid.

Night Forest Attack Up Hole

Bunny Whirl (+amulet)

a little tricky. memorize the timing where the roly poly jumps.

Bunny Strike + Walljump2 (+amulet)

stupid trick. extremely tight.

Nature Orb Shaft

Bunny Strike + Airdash3 + Walljump2 + Amulet

Toxic Strike Jump

(this refers to getting up the shaft above toxic strike, to bypass the prologue trigger in the room to the left)

Slide + Walljump

Slide only

stupid jump.

Speedboost3 + Speedy

really stupid jump.

Whirl Bonk (without amulet)

pretty stupid jump. Not difficult if you have an amulet to do a whirl cancel and reverse walljump.

Arm Strength


Speedboost3 and Speedy are not required for this jump, even though I have them in this gif. This jump can be quite difficult to pull off.

Cicini Mana Up

Slippers only

Speedboost3 only

extremely stupid jump. this is also a 4-tile corner reverse walljump. this is a little easier with the walljump item.

Exiting Wall Jump


Speedboost3 + Speedy

Stupid jump.

Spectral Cave Gap

The easiest way to cross this gap is Airdash3 + Airjump. Basically jump, airdash, then airjump out of the airdash. Don’t do a quickdrop airjump.

Airjump + Slippers + Speedboost3 + Speedy

Buffered quickdrop airjump

Airjump + Speedboost3 + Speedy

The second jump is really annoying to do.

Airdash3 + Speedboost3 + Speedy

As before, the second jump is really annoying to do. It is worse when you don’t have airjump, because you can’t recover if you miss the jump and fall. You have to climb back up again.


Buffered wall launch. Much easier with slippers.

Bunny Strike (for second jump only)

Airjump only

extremely stupid. took me an hour to do this once. much more doable if you have speedboost3, but still pretty stupid.

Spike Barrier Gap

Slide only

Amulet/Food (no items)

Known as the spike barrier jump. Probably the easiest trick that involves a wimpy launch.

Bunny Whirl only

Slippers + Speedboost + Speedy

The tightest ever regular jump I have done in this game. This is extremely tight.

Upper Graveyard

Slippers+Airdash, Airjump only


Bunny Whirl + Amulet

Airdash + Bunny Strike + Amulet

4-tile corner walljump

Bunny Strike + Amulet

Requires a slide bonk, which can be quite difficult. A setup is to run left from the screen transition, and do a quick slide jump the moment you pass by the vertical line separating the background layers.

Bunny Strike + Slippers

Slide (and maybe consumables)

Stupid trick. Amulet probably not needed. Consumable also technically not needed but it makes it even more stupid. The fairies are lured from the left end of the room.

Upper Graveyard Egg

Slippers + Speedboost3 + Speedy

Actually an easy jump. All the extra actions are just to make the bunny look cute.

Slippers + Speedboost3

Requires a quickdrop jump. Very tight.

Upper Graveyard Mana Up

Slippers + Bunny Strike

the drop to the mana up ledge can be done with an amulet cancel if you have amulets.

Health Wager

Airjump only

Bunny Strike + Walljump (+amulet)

Bunny Strike only (+amulet)

Uses reverse walljump, I believe this is at least v.hard

Bunny Strike + Slippers + Airjump (from below)

Just a shortcut.

Upper Sky Island Town

Bunny Strike only

Airdash3 only

Quickdrop airdash, reverse walljump (launch), hold right.

Upper Sky Island Town (jumping up the pit)

Slippers + Airjump

Egg after Kotri1

Slippers + Bunny Strike

Slide only

slide bonks are difficult

Health Surge

Airjump + Walljump2

A little awkward, but actually not too difficult. Requires buffered wall launch. You need to be facing left while paused in order to get 3 walljumps.

Airjump + Bunny Strike (+amulet)

stupid trick. extremely tight.

Sky Bridge Regen Up Ledge

Slide only

no velocity cancel needed if you launch off the edge and turn around.

Ravine Upper Attack Up

Speedboost3 + Speedy + Airjump + Walljump2

(Note: Speedboost3+Speedy can be replaced with slide. Do a slide jump instead)

Ravine West Side Jump

not really useful for anything. just a shortcut.

No items (damage boost)

A buffered wall launch is probably easier here.

Icy Summit Mana Up


Speedboost1 is also doable, but pretty tight.

No items (not even speedboost)

Stupid trick. Extremely tight without speedboost. Requires doing the walljump a short distance away from the wall.

Reverse Nixie

Bunny Strike + Airjump + Airdash + Amulet

stupid trick. much easier if you have slippers instead of bunny strike + amulet.

Water Tower (aquarium)

Waterorb + Slippers + Walljump2

turn off speedboost

Waterorb + Whirl only

stupid trick, requires wimpy launch


Exiting Water Tower (aquarium)

Waterorb + Airjump + Speedboost3 + Speedy

Speedboost3 not actuallly needed. See below.

Waterorb + Airjump + Speedy

Speedy can be substituted with Speedboost2

Waterorb + Airjump only (+amulet)

Waterorb + Slippers + Airdash3

Palace Warp Jump

No items

Just a shortcut. This is really dumb if you don’t have speedboost. With speedboost it’s still pretty hard, but it’s much more doable.

Palace Dark Room Regen Up

Slippers + (Speedboost / Speedy)

Slippers, with speedy:

Slippers, without speedboost/speedy (stupidly hard):

Palace Highest Level Pit Climb (level 4 to level 5)

Bunstrike + Slippers + Airjump + Amulet

Bunny Whirl + Amulet

Slide + Airjump

slide bonks are difficult

Riverbank Attack Up

Piko Hammer

Riverbank Egg in Wall

Slippers + Amulet, Walljump2 + 2 Amulets

amulet climbs are usually pretty stupid. the single amulet + slippers trick isn’t that bad though.

Damage Boost

not in constraints, as the background needs to be non-riverbank for the uprprc bunny to shoot stars.

Bunny Whirl

Slide Zip

exiting may be a problem.

Riverbank Wall

Slippers (damage boost)

damage boosts are stupid

Riverbank -> Evernight Zip

2-tile zip. There is a setup for this. Stand 1 pixel behind the line between the 3rd and 4th tile away from the corner, slide, then do a 1-frame tap jump. Do not jump immediately.

Riverbank Level1 to Level2 Pit Climb

Walljump2 or Airjump or Bunny Whirl

three different methods. having slippers on when doing the walljump method can cause you to bonk the ceiling. either jump lower or turn off slippers and go for the 4-tile walljump.

Evernight Pack Up from Below

a little shortcut

Bunny Strike + Airjump + Slippers + Airdash + Amulet

You can do it with Airdash1 (instead of Airdash3) if you walljump off the right side instead.

Evernight Warp Stone Ledge (right)

Slide or Bunny Whirl

slide bonk / whirl bonk. Both of these are pretty difficult tricks.

No Items (damage boost)


Saya Egg

Slippers + Airdash3

Slippers + Airdash1 + Speedboost1

Slippers + Airdash1

No speedboost needed. Uses autosave to reset the airdash, and an airdash cancel. Not easy to do.

Attack Up After Saya

Slide Zip

Saya Climb

Bunny Whirl + Amulet

second whirlbonk is very tight.

Evernight Dark Room Mana Up

(sliding powder is required to actually get the item)

Bunny Strike + Airdash, Slippers + Airdash

Bunny Strike + Airjump + Amulet, Airdash + Airjump

lots of amulets

stupid trick. very difficult spike barrier jump + amulet gliding.

Sliding Powder Exit

Bunny Strike + Airjump + Speedy + Amulet

Speedy can be replaced with Speedboost2.

Bunny Strike + Amulet + Airdash + Walljump2

Bunny Strike + Amulet + Slippers + Walljump2

Bunny Strike + Amulet + Speedboost3 + Walljump2

Probably not possible with speed2. Note that Speedy+Speedboost1 is equivalent to speedboost3.

Town Egg

Airjump + Saya Buff

Only works when the item is an egg. Therefore this is not in the randomizer constraints.

Volcanic Dogs Egg

Speedboost3 + Speedy

Stupid jump.

Chasm near volcanic warp

Speedboost3 + Speedy

Not really useful for anything other than despawning enemies.

Sysint Health Up (Cyber Tower)

Airjump only, Slippers+Airdash3

Airjump only requires a 6tile airjump. Slippers+Airdash3 uses an airdash cancel.

Airdash3 only

4tile walljump

Slide + Airdash1

4tile walljump required. requires a couple of hard consecutive jumps.


buffered wall launch

Bunny Whirl only

can be quite tricky

Slide only

stupid trick. too many slide bonks and buffered launches


Airjump + Slippers Shortcuts

The lab jumps need Walljump Level 2

Misc - Wind Blessing Gap

Randomizer doesn’t include DLC areas.

Slide Zip or Hammer Roll Zip or BunnyStrike+Airjump+Airdash

Airdash3 + Airjump

really stupid trick. requires ground double airdash. but with this, you can forgo bunny strike.

Misc - Plurkwood in Reverse

Not really requried for randomizer.