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Platforming Tricks Tutorial

Made by wcko87

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[How to play Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps]


NOTE: AS OF RABI-RIBI 1.9, YOU NEED TO TURN ON v1.08 HAMMER ROLL IN THE SETTINGS FOR TUNNEL JUMP ZIPS TO WORK. just turn it on and keep it on. it’s better that way.

This is a comprehensive tutorial for Rabi-Ribi platforming tricks and glitches.

It contains most of the tricks we use in Rabi-Ribi (rough estimate: around 80+ tricks are featured in this tutorial). Tricks are classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. NPCs around the map will explain the tricks and how to execute them.

Note: This map contains only platforming tricks. It does not include combat or boss-related tricks.

The objective is to collect all the eggs in the map.

The map starts you off in a room with three doors. These doors correspond to:

  • Basic Section (1 Star) - 5 Eggs
  • Intermediate Section (2 Stars) - 31 Eggs
  • Advanced Section (3 Stars) - 13 Eggs

Total: 49 Eggs


  • Play on Story Mode.
    • difficulty / mode does not matter
    • You can play on Speedrun Mode too, but you can’t talk to NPCs in Speedrun Mode.


Chinese Translation (v1.10)

  • Chinese translation made by Phantasma. (also special thanks to craze819, copyliu, INDEXFAN, Marisa for reviewing and comments)

Korean Translation (v1.10)


  • Add more indicators (red tiles, arrows, tile counters, helper rails)
  • Modify 4-tile zip slightly
  • Add hidden slide zip room
  • Fix a number of bugs (e.g. npcs despawning)
  • Fix a number of issues in the text
  • Make some room entrances slightly more visible (so that players are less likely to miss them)
  • Fix a few non-intended methods to do some jumps
  • Make small adjustments to some jumps


  • Minor text fixes
  • Add a 5th indicator tile for the 4-tile slide jump zip


Video Playthrough / Guide:


ss1 ss2 ss3 ss6 ss8b ss11 ss12 ss14 ss15 ss16 ss19


Speedrun Rules:

  • Obtain all 49 Eggs
  • Casual Difficulty, Standard Mode, Speedrun Mode
  • Timing starts when the game is started (i.e. when you select the mode), timing ends upon picking up the last egg.
  • Open up the map menu after the run to verify that you indeed have all of the eggs.
  • Time is measured using RTA (Real Time)



  1. Nichipe - RTA 21m 07s
  2. wcko87 - RTA 22m 16s
  3. Phantasma - RTA 24m 32s