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Platforming Tricks Tutorial (v1.20b)

Made by wcko87

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This is a comprehensive tutorial for Rabi-Ribi platforming tricks and glitches.

It contains most of the tricks we use in Rabi-Ribi (rough estimate: around 80+ tricks are featured in this tutorial). Tricks are classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. NPCs around the map will explain the tricks and how to execute them.

Note: This map contains only platforming tricks. It does not include combat or boss-related tricks.

The objective is to collect all the eggs in the map.

The map starts you off in a room with three doors. These doors correspond to:

  • Basic Section (1 Star) - 5 Eggs
  • Intermediate Section (2 Stars) - 31 Eggs
  • Advanced Section (3 Stars) - 13 Eggs

Total: 49 Eggs


  • Play on Story Mode.
    • difficulty / mode does not matter
    • You can play on Speedrun Mode too, but you can’t talk to NPCs in Speedrun Mode.


Chinese Translation Update (v1.20b)

  • Chinese translation update by Phantasma. Fixes text alignment issues.

Japanese Translation Update (v1.20a)

  • Japanese translation update by BDTaNaKa. Minor corrections to improve readability.

Japanese Translation (v1.20)

  • Japanese translation made by BDTaNaKa.


  • Update Giant Zip room to include Bunny Amulet and Air Dash
  • Fix issues in text (especially regarding which tricks require v1.08 Hammer Roll)
  • (as of Rabi-Ribi v1.9, Tunnel Jump Zips require v1.08 Hammer Roll)
  • Upgrade hidden slide zip room with more zips. Fix Seana zip.
  • Tweaked Buffered Airdash tutorial to make it harder to do without buffered airdahes.
  • Fix some small bugs (nixie skip room colors, slide zip out of slide bonk room)
  • Small adjustments (semisolid in slide jump room, wall jump indicators)
  • Chinese and Korean translations are also updated.

Chinese Translation (v1.10)

  • Chinese translation made by Phantasma. (also special thanks to craze819, copyliu, INDEXFAN, Marisa for reviewing and comments)

Korean Translation (v1.10)


  • Add more indicators (red tiles, arrows, tile counters, helper rails)
  • Modify 4-tile zip slightly
  • Add hidden slide zip room
  • Fix a number of bugs (e.g. npcs despawning)
  • Fix a number of issues in the text
  • Make some room entrances slightly more visible (so that players are less likely to miss them)
  • Fix a few non-intended methods to do some jumps
  • Make small adjustments to some jumps


  • Minor text fixes
  • Add a 5th indicator tile for the 4-tile slide jump zip


Video Playthrough / Guide (v1.10):


v1_20_ss2 ss2 ss3 ss6 ss8b ss11 ss12 jp_ss6 ss14 ss15 ss16 ss19


Speedrun Rules:

  • Obtain all 49 Eggs
  • Casual Difficulty, Standard Mode, Speedrun Mode
  • Timing starts when the game is started (i.e. when you select the mode), timing ends upon picking up the last egg.
  • Open up the map menu after the run to verify that you indeed have all of the eggs.
  • Time is measured using RTA (Real Time)



  1. BDTaNaKa - RTA 20m 05s


  1. Nichipe - RTA 21m 07s
  2. wcko87 - RTA 22m 16s
  3. Phantasma - RTA 24m 32s