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Made by Thiercy and Lollipop

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Rabbit-or-treat is a story-oriented map. Some characters of the original game are used, but it is a parallel story that happens on a very particular night: it’s Halloween! Erina is invited to a Halloween party. As she was pulling on her new costume for this special occasion, she mysteriously ends up right in the middle of Rabi-Rabi Island. Even worse: she is not happy with her bunny costume. She doesn’t want to be a bunny! She wants to be a ghost! With your help, Erina will explore everywhere and try to find a decent costume in time for her Halloween party. But what could possibly go wrong?

This is a narrative map. It’s meant to be an easy yet challenging map, with funny dialogue and an immersive Halloween atmosphere, with horror movies jokes and silly pop culture references! Don’t go there, it’s at your own risk and peril!

This is also a non-linear adventure. You can explore all five zones in any order, except for the very last zone which can’t be completed before the others.

Note: it requires both DLCs to be installed to work properly.

Note 2: As far as dialogue is concerned, the dialogue was first written in French. An amateur English translation is available, but the English dialogue may need some editing.

The English version also contain less puns and word plays (for instance some characters don’t have the same name, so you might want to have a look at both versions). Both dialogue files are in the download. If you download the English version, you can use the French original version by renaming “story_textFR” into “story_text” and giving the former English file some other name (opposite for French version). Don’t forget to change language settings in Rabi-Ribi otherwise diacritics won’t work properly.


Please start a new game in Story mode, any difficulty and mode. If you play in speedrun mode, you won’t be able to read the dialogue. If you already started a run in speedrun mode, go to the first NPC you meet to shift to story mode.

Be aware that you can also play in 0%, regardless the difficulty lever you’ve selected. It will be a lot harder since the map layout needs you to find your way to the different places in a different manner, often requiring a good knowledge of hidden techniques and tricks.


There are two endings depending on which route you are, hence two different objectives.

  • Main objective: Solve the mystery of Halloween and get the trophy (good end).

Secondary objective: Solve the mystery of Halloween without being able to get the trophy yet (bad end).

  • Side objective: Get all 25 Easter eggs.

Some tricks you may be expected to know

Please note that you only necessarily need hidden techniques if you are playing in 0%. The use of the following techniques is not required (but can still be useful) if you are playing in any%.

  • Launches
  • Quickdrops
  • Reverse Wall jump + Wall kick
  • Amulet cancel ie velocity cancel
  • Hammer roll glitch (optional)

Tricks that are never required, even in 0%

  • Wimpy launches
  • Zips
  • Buffered techniques involving pause menu
  • Most techniques


  • If you are stuck, always look for items. There are items everywhere that can help you. Backtrack on!
  • Pay attention to the dialogue: most characters you meet give you information, sometimes it will be crystal clear clues, other times it can be a bit less obvious what you are meant to do.
  • If you’re playing in 0%, no items can help you except food items, Ribbon item, bunny amulet and DLC items. You should not pick up any other item.
  • If you are stuck in 0% think about where you actually need to go. Maybe you should do a normal run first, and then try a 0% challenge when you know the map better. The thing is you don’t necessarily access the places the same way depending the amount of items you want to get. Also, keep in mind the game is harder in 0%, and you will need more and more complex techniques as you will progress in the game.
  • There are two possible endings to your adventure. If the dialogue make you feel like you’ve actually got the bad end, and you can’t access the trophy, it probably means that you forgot something. You can always go back and see if you can’t make anything to get the good end that allows you to get to the trophy.