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A Christmas Carrot

Made by Thiercy

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A Christmas Carrot is a story-oriented map freely inspired by Dickens’ famous masterpiece “A Christmas Carol”. The story takes place on a very particular night - it’s Christmas!

Seven years after the stele events and after having the magic barrier that protects the Island being fixed, Erina has mysteriously turned into a very grumpy bunny. She took over Miriam’s shop and got very rich and nasty. She even decided to change her name and she is now known as Scrooge. This year again, Scrooge doesn’t understand why everybody gets so excited when Christmas comes. She hates Christmas and is determined not to celebrate anything. But she might reconsider her opinion, as some strange unexpected events happen to her…

This is a narrative map, not intended for bunmania. It’s meant to be an easy yet challenging map, with original dialogue and an immersive Christmas atmosphere, with creative references to Dickens’ book, and to various existing series or films. It is recommended that any Christmas lover should play it, but be warned: there might be a reasonable amount of surprises!

The game is divided in three big parts: main game / postgame / postpostgame. You can explore a lot of areas but sometimes an item is required to enter an area. It is up to you to figure out how to proceed as you explore around!

Note: it requires DLC 2 to work properly. Without it, you can only play the main game (first part of the game).

Note 2: As far as dialogue is concerned, the dialogue was first written in English. Some of it was directly borrowed from Dickens, and some was created for the occasion. An amateur French translation is available.

The dialogue files for both the English and French versions are in the download. If you download the English version, you can use the French original version by renaming “story_textFR” into “story_text” and giving the former English file some other name (opposite for French version). Don’t forget to change language settings in Rabi-Ribi otherwise diacritics won’t work properly.


Please start a new game in Story mode, any difficulty and mode. The difficulty increases little by little, so I recommend choosing casual or novice when you play for the first time. There is an option to change the difficulty in game, but it is not available before postgame starts. Even with casual difficulty, some people may find the game too hard. Maybe trying again with bunny heaven can help.

You cannot play in speedrun mode. You cannot play in 0% items, as some items are required to access some areas. You may skip some non-movement items though (potions, Ribbon shots, food items…) if you want to play in low% difficulties.


Main objective: There are two trophies depending on your objective:

  • The first trophy you see is if you’re aiming for the main objective (finish the game).
  • You can obtain the second trophy only after beating postpostgame.

Side objective: There is a bonus hidden area with one extra boss.

Side objective: Get all 24 Easter eggs.

Some tricks you may be expected to know

  • Main game does not require any hidden technique at all.
  • Post game may (or may not) require hidden techniques (reverse wall jump, wall kick, quick drop only). It is not compulsory to know these techniques. If you’d rather avoid using them, there is always another way.
  • Tricks that are not required but may be used: Launches, Quickdrop Airjump, sliding into tunnels which aren’t on the ground.
  • Tricks that are never required and not recommended: Hammer roll glitch, Slide zip, Slide bonk, Buffered techniques, most other techniques.

Issues and Tips

When you see a save point and you want to save, you should always save on a different slot. You should save quite often.

If you can’t access an area it means:

  • you forgot an item somewhere -> you have to backtrack.
  • you have an item which you forgot you had -> check your items.
  • you can’t go there at this point of the game -> explore the areas you can go to and try to find paths you may have left behind.

Pay attention to the dialogue: most characters you meet give you information, sometimes it will be crystal clear clues, some other times it can be a bit less obvious what you are meant to do. (You may need to disobey!).

If a boss fight is too hard:

  • maybe you need items to get a bit stronger -> you may need to load a former save and backtrack.
  • pay attention to what exactly makes you lose HP -> there are ways to avoid or reduce the damage for some boss or attacks.
  • eat your food -> you don’t need to save food items for the late boss encounters, because once consumed, you can go and fetch your food item again almost anytime.