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Bunmania Map Pack (Volume 1)

Made by multiple people

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[How to play Rabi-Ribi Custom Maps]

This map pack contains 16 maps, made by the community.

What is Bunmania?

Bunmania is a Rabi-Ribi game mode. Bunmania works very well for racing short custom maps.


In Bunmania mode:

  • Goal: Complete the level as fast as possible.
  • Your time (and best time) is recorded when you complete the level.
  • The faster you complete the level, the better the medal. Medals are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rainbow.
  • The level instantly restarts when you complete it. Or press Menu + Item + Magic Left for instant level restart.
  • There is no item pick up animation. Items are picked up instantly.

How to play Bunmania mode:

  1. Add -netplay to the Rabi-Ribi Launch Options. Image
  2. Press F5/F6 on Title screen to select a custom map. Image
  3. Start a new game (any mode, any difficulty). Image
  4. Press F3 in game to open Network Mode menu. Image
  6. Press jump to start. Image

Full Bunmania Guide

Attack On Nixie

by Looming


  • Just simply grab items then fight Nixie as fast as possible.
  • Intended for Bunmania, no tech needed


by Scyox


  • Bluerock is a short and easy map, and does not require knowledge of Rabi-Ribi platforming tricks to play.

Bunny Chase (v1.02)

by Red Shifter


  • Help Erina escape the UPRPRC trap
  • Intended for Bunmania
  • Contains a super secret bunny survival minigame

Bunny Tunnel

by wcko87


  • A very fast paced map which doesn’t stop you when you fail jumps
  • Most rooms have basic (slower) and advanced (faster) methods to do them. clearing the map requires only basic tricks, but achieving a good time requires you to perform a lot of advanced jumps
  • Failing to nail an advanced jump doesn’t really require you to retry, you just revert to the basic method and take the timeloss
  • Rainbow time is 3 minutes, and it will be very difficult to get.

Bunny Ruins (v1.02)

by TheOnlyOne


  • Erina explores the fabled Bunny Ruins
  • 5 hidden Easter Eggs

Drag Racing

by wcko87

  • Gif sums it all
  • One long flat surface, just pure speed
  • No advanced tricks required. literally hold right (and jump like 3 times maybe) to win
  • Rainbow is set to 45s, bronze is 55s

Erina Goes To The Dentist (v1.3)

by Koslyn


  • Erina had too many sweets and got a cavity! Go see the dentist then come home for a nice nap.
  • Intended for Bunmania, no tech needed
  • v1.3: removed dlc events and fixed skips

Legend DX (v1.00)

by Red Shifter


  • Based on “Legend of Bunny”, this map contains a variety of environments and areas from it
  • This is a Bunmania map (rather than a Metroidvania adventure)
  • No advanced techniques required


by Koslyn


  • Erina jumps through the park then visits the same room 3 times before finding the exit
  • Can be beaten with just rwj and wallkicks but requires more advanced tricks to get good times

Magic Powder

by wcko87


  • Simple 1 minute map involving slide jumps
  • Venture deep into the forest, grab the sliding powder, and climb back out
  • No other tricks needed, just slide jumps (and maybe launches for speed)
  • No zips. all possible zips are useless


by wcko87


  • A short needle map (lots of spikes), lots of retrying
  • But being a bunmania race map, each section is pretty short (2-3 quick jumps usually)
  • The distance in between saves is short so that times will not fluctuate wildly due to deaths
  • No advanced tech required. just airjump, reverse walljump, wallkick

Pitfall (bunmania edit)

by wcko87


  • Bunmania version of pitfall
  • Normal difficulty event trigger
  • Reset boss fights before entering room, so you can fight them again after quickload
  • Save points removed
  • Place amulet recovery tiles where needed (fairies room is free now)

Rabi-Roll (v1.03)

by Red Shifter


  • Roll the rabbit really fast
  • Contains secret rooms

Secret Spring

by TheOnlyOne


  • Erina and her family go on a trip to the Secret Spring.
  • Intended for Bunmania
  • Can be completed with no tricks whatsoever (difficulty 1)
  • Contains four separate regions which can be completed in any order, each containing an item that may make other regions faster
  • 4 hidden Easter Eggs (each with a special treat)


by Sanghelios


  • A map set in the sky, you hop on clouds and floating platforms/ships. No tech of any kind required, not even hidden tech. Still tricky sometimes though.
  • It’s a Bunmania map with an objective; drop from your ship and get to the enemy ship to disable it
  • I originally wanted strong winds to be the challenge in the cloud section, but that’s DLC only. So I added cute bunny girls instead, you can never go wrong with cute bunny girls.


by wcko87


  • Bunny is like a box of hundo, you never know what zip you’re gonna get
  • 20 assorted zips
  • No advanced tricks to clear, you have a time limit for each zip, if the time runs out, the door opens and you can continue
  • You need to get at least one zip for bronze (5m 30s bronze), if you don’t do any zips and wait out all the timers, it takes about 6 minutes.