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Tower of Bunny (v1.11)

Made by wcko87

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Tower of Bunny is a platforming challenge map similar to Pitfall, but a lot longer, more difficult, and features much more complex jumps. It will be a long climb to the top. Many tricks from the Platforming Tricks Tutorial map will be required.

This is a pure platforming map. Also, you cannot die in this map.

Note: This map will be quite difficult. The tricks are not only difficult to execute, but also difficult to figure out. Expect to spend quite a bit of time figuring out the correct jumps to get through each room. If you want something more manageable, try playing Pitfall first.


  • Start a new game, on Story or Speedrun mode, on any difficulty, Standard mode. (actual difficulty does not matter)


  • Obtain the Congratulations! trophy at the top of the tower.

Some tricks you may be expected to know:

  • launches
  • quickdrop airdash / quickdrop airjump
  • 4-tile corner walljumps
  • 6-tile airjumps
  • 8-tile wallkicks
  • double airdash (brush over the top of a platform with an airdash to get an extra airdash)
  • Many other tricks not mentioned here will also be required.

Tricks that will not be required:

  • Wimpy Launches
  • Pause-Buffered techniques of any kind
  • Zips of any kind
  • Amulet climbs


  • Don’t rush. Stop and think through the jumps carefully before attempting them. Half the difficulty of this map is in figuring out the jumps.
  • If you can’t figure out a jump, try doing it with quickdropping. If you’re already quickdropping, try doing the jump without quickdropping.
  • Quickdrop airdash -> airjump gives more distance than quickdrop airjump -> airdash. For maximum distance, do quickdrop -> airdash -> wait -> airjump. Don’t buffer the airjump.
  • If you are playing on keyboard, don’t walljump off left walls with both the left+right arrow keys held! This will disable your ability to quickdrop/wallkick until the next time you land on the ground!
  • When executing a double airdash, brushing over a surface resets your reverse walljump wiggle requirement. Thus, you need to do the wiggle after brushing over the surface, not before.



  • Fixed two small skips.


  • Fixed wrong collision in one of the rooms.
  • Removed a couple of alternative jumps (which are usually more difficult than the original jumps, and can be quite misleading)
  • Moved a music trigger slightly so that the music doesn’t trigger mid-jump. Music triggers can cause small lag spikes for some players.

Current and Older Versions











  • NORMAL difficulty, STANDARD mode, SPEEDRUN mode
  • Obtain the Congratulations! trophy.
  • Timing starts when the game is started (i.e. when you select the mode), timing ends when the text disappears after collecting the Congratulations! trophy.
  • Time is measured using RTA (Real Time)
  • Use the latest version of the map.

Current Ranking:

  1. BDTaNaKa - RTA 13m 32s
  2. Koslyn - RTA 15m 44s
  3. Cosmoing - RTA 16m 36s
  4. Floob - RTA 20m 51s (re-timed)
  5. wcko87 - RTA 23m 14s

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